The longest running dog agility club in the Edmonton area
made up of dog agility enthusiasts from
beginners to world competitors.

2018 Event

November 10 & 11 - NADAC Trial Premium
Judge: Patti Cavin (Puyallup, Washington)
Classes: 4 Regular Agility, 2 Jumpers, 2 Chances, 2 Hoopers,
1 Weavers, 1 Touch N Go, 1 Tunnelers and 1 Barrelers

2019 Events

January 12 & 13 - AAC Trial Premium: PDF / Word
Judges: Kirsten Locke (BC) & Denise Reid-Clarke (AB)
Classes: 4 Standards (1 MA Challenge), 1 Gamble, 1 Snooker, 1 Steeplechase and 1 Jumpers

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Summer Classes

Class Dates: Staring July 4, 2018

Location: Killarney Community League Rink, Edmonton

Offering: Agility Foundation & OneMind Dog's Handling & Courses Classes


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BOD President: Gail Kamitomo
Vice President: Stacy Frigon
Secretary: Denise Reid-Clarke
Treasurer: Bonnie Sales
Directors At Large: Tracy Henebury, Judy Hudson & Rose Martin Baumgardner

AAC Trial Secretary Gisela Griesser or Denise Reid-Clarke
NADAC Trial Secretary Tannis Tupper
UKI Trial Secretary Bonnie Sales
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